I will work on behalf of all students, parents, and residents of Albany County to ensure our public schools offer our children outstanding education.

From Rock River School to the UW Lab School, each and every child in Albany County deserves the opportunity to learn and grow. Our public schools must prepare students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a changing world.

Public education is the cornerstone of a successful economy and society. Join me in working to strengthen our public schools and to build a better future for Albany County.

Vote Nate Martin for Albany County School Board

Wyoming values. Strong public schools.

Opportunity for all students

Wyoming ranks best in the nation at closing the “achievement gap” between students on free or reduced lunch and their better-off classmates. I will work to continue this proud accomplishment.

Support for teachers

Since the days of one-room schoolhouses, teachers have played the most important role in Wyoming education. I will work to support and retain excellent teachers for Albany County schools.

Education is a right

The Wyoming State Constitution lists education as a foremost right, and obligates the state to provide free, public education to all Wyoming’s young residents. I will work to uphold our state constitution.

Against profiteering

Wyomingites know that public schools are the best vehicles to educate all our students. I stand against privatizing Albany County’s public education system or otherwise opening it up for profit.

Against “teaching to the test”

Wyoming isn’t a cookie-cutter place. We need baseline standards to guide teachers, but our education shouldn’t mirror what’s taught in California and Texas. I will work to decrease the time students spend on standardized tests and standardized curricula.

Fiscal responsibility

You can’t spend money you don’t have.

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Issues and ideas

Outdoor education

Our economy and culture are linked to Wyoming’s open spaces and abundant wildlife. Researchers have found significant benefits to engaging students in outdoor education, particularly at an early age. Albany County education should reflect these facts.

Support for LGBT students

LGBT students deserve the same learning environment that straight students enjoy—free from harassment and bullying based on their sexuality and gender identity. I’ll support policies to stop bullying and other forms of discrimination.

Growing food grows minds

Laramie Valley has a rich tradition of growing food, one that many of our public schools continue through community gardens. I support these programs and see great opportunities to work in partnership with local agriculture to do more.

Computer science

I applaud the Wyoming Legislature’s implementation of computer science in Wyoming public schools. (Now they need to fund it.) We must prepare all students with a basic understanding of computer science to help them navigate the future. Meanwhile, the tech sector holds great promise for new jobs and diversifying Wyoming’s economy.

However, while computer science is very important, it is neither a “science” nor a “language” and should not replace those subjects.

Career and technical education (CTE)

All students—particularly those who don’t plan to attend a four-year university—can benefit from courses like woodshop, auto tech, and computer science. The skills these courses teach are critical to technical, hands-on careers and to being able to fix your own dang lawnmower when it breaks.

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